Bluetooth headset
Bluetooth technology is a wireless connection between devices for the purpose of data exchange. This wireless technology has advanced rapidly over the years. As an effect, it has vastly improved many aspects of daily life in dealing with electronics at home as well as at work.

Bluetooth technology has a much smaller range than the similar wi-fi, which it is often compared to. However, the bluetooth signal is much more secure than wi-fi for that reason. In addition, bluetooth has a multiple level security process to keep it even safer.

The most common use for bluetooth technology is probably the connection of a cell phone to a headset. This provides hands-free cell phone use without having to utilize the speaker phone setting o­n your phone. While the speaker phone feature is very useful for hands-free cell phone use, it usually creates a nuisance if used around other people. Unlike the privacy you get when using a headset, everyone can hear your conversation when you utilize the speaker setting.

Bluetooth headsets are excellent to use when driving for safety purposes because they enable the driver to focus o­n the task at hand and keep both hands o­n the wheel. These headsets can also make a most efficient addition to the workplace as well. For example, bluetooth capabilities enable an employee to talk o­n their cell phone while multi-tasking and allowing them do much more.

Bluetooth technology has also changed the way we listen to music. Gone are the days of wired headphones and a clunky music player. In fact, there are bluetooth enabled systems that allow a user to use a wireless headset in the car, at home or o­n a walk. As the technology advances rapidly, there are many other benefits that will be seen using the bluetooth wireless connection.