Dual - Band

Siemens A55
When you’re searching for a new cell phone, you will probably seen copy that will tell you whether or not each phone is a dual band, tri band or quad band phone. These concepts are very easy. Whenever you turn your cell phone o­n, you will notice that it takes a minute to connect to the network. When you finally see the signal go up, that means that it has connected to what is known as a GSM frequency. The GSM frequency is the common frequency of your service provider.

In the world today, there are four GSM frequencies that are used by cell phone providers. Not all of the four frequencies work in every country. So when you buy a quad band cellular phone, you are ensuring that you’re going to have coverage no matter what country you are in. This is best for business people traveling all over the world at the drop of a hat.

Tri band cellular phones are designed for specific countries or parts of the world. For instance, a tri band phone might be best used for the United State, Mexico and Europe, but it might not be suited for Asia, Australia or Russia. The tri band cell phone is best for business people who are going to o­ne or two other specific countries.

Siemens AX72
The dual band cell phone will connect to two of the most used GSM frequencies. The best thing about these phones is that they are extremely cheap. Consumers right now are falling all over themselves for a quad band cell phone, which makes the market for a dual band great. If you’re not going overseas or are barely leaving the city you live in, having a dual band phone will save you money without increasing your cell phone bill every month.