Memory for PDA
For people with PDAs, o­ne of the biggest concerns can be memory. Most PDAs will come with a great deal of memory for most users, however, a lot of users would like to expand that memory to suit applications, games and other software pertinent to their lives.

A lot of people with PDAs like to have everything in o­ne place. They want their business contacts, their calendars and even a couple of fun applications to help them get through those annoying conference calls. So in order to be able to have everything in o­ne place, there needs to be more memory. More memory can mean two things. A consumer can either buy the newest version of their PDA or they can buy what is known as a Memplug.

A Memplug is a memory card that fits into the expansion slot of your PDA. With a Memplug, you can expand the memory of your PDA as you see fit per your needs. Because the Memplug is a plug and play device, all you have to do is plug it into your PDA and you’re ready to go. You do not have to format it or have drivers for it because it’s already compatible.

A Memplug will come with software so you can transfer files from your computer to the memory card and vice versa. With a Memplug, your file storage becomes a limitless alternative to losing data. You can finally have the option of staying organized with your contacts and personal files all in the palm of your hand. The best thing about the Memplug is that it doesn’t require batteries. It runs solely from the power of your PDA.

So, if you're looking for a great cost effective way to expand your PDA's memory, give Memplug a try and start getting the results you want.