Push to Talk

Nokia 6280
The push to talk phone feature o­n cellular phones is a fast and easy way to speak to someone in a walkie talkie fashion. Rather than having to dial a phone number, wait for service and then wait for an answer as the phone rings, the exchange of information can be done quickly at just a push of a button. The use of the push to talk feature is much like that of a two way radio.

Conversations using push to talk are not simultaneous as they are with a phone call. Meaning, o­ne person transmits and speaks while the other person can o­nly listen. o­nce the first person is finished and releases the transmission button, the second person may respond.

There is also the option to use the push to talk feature as group talk. This means that o­ne person can transmit to several designated people at the same time. While group talk still requires that o­nly o­ne person can speak at a time, everyone designated in that group can hear what is being discussed and can respond back, o­ne at a time.

In many ways, use of the convenient push to talk feature can help save time and money. In business applications, employees will spend less time o­n phone calls and still be able to get the answers they need quickly. For residential uses, money can be saved o­n using less minutes for the quick conversations that can easily be had over the push to talk process.

Nokia 6120 Classic
The push to talk process is an excellent feature to have o­n a phone. In fact, many phones come with this option now. The convenience and speed of communicating with others will quickly become a prized feature in residential as well as commercial applications.