Quad - Band

HTC Touch
You’ve probably seen an advertisement recently for a quad band phone and asked yourself, “What is that?” A quad band phone is basically a cellular phone that can use all of the four major GSM frequencies used by the biggest cell phone providers in the world. This would be great for the businessperson who is always o­n the go and doesn’t have the time or patience to wait until they are in another country to make a call.

This is essential for somebody who often finds themselves in other countries or o­n other sides of their country o­n a whim. Other cell phones o­nly work o­n dual band or tri band frequencies. This means that they o­nly work o­n two or three of the frequencies used by cell phone companies around the globe. This could annoying when you need to make an important call to your boss or secretary and can’t a signal. Quad band cell phone automatically switch their frequency band to connect with nearest GSM network when they are turned o­n.

One consideration you would want to think about before buying a quad band phone is the fact that some features are going to be unavailable to you in other countries. You will always be able to make phone calls, however, if you have a data package with Internet, that might not comply with the frequency you are o­n. When you do buy a cell phone, be sure to ask your service provider what countries your features will work with and ask them if they have global connectivity.

Nokia E71
When you go with a quad band cellular phone, you are upgrading your connectivity o­n a global level. Unless you are going to be traveling to other countries or are bouncing around different corners of o­ne country, this might not be an upgrade worth considering.