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A mobile device is a term used to refer to any o­ne of a wide array of consumer electronics. These devices serve vastly different purposes and yet the industry classifies them broadly in a non-standard way. For the common consumer the categories can be difficult to distinguish from o­ne another and often imply overlapping technologies.

This is certainly the case with smartphones and PDAs (personal digital assistant). Smart devices include items such as mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs and even PDA phones. To confuse matters further, the term smartphone is different from Smartphone, which refers specifically to a family of Microsoft mobile devices. A smartphone can be a Smartphone but not all Smartphones are smartphones. Oy vey!

Let us break it down to the basics. A mobile phone, or cellular phone, is any device that provides wireless voice communication. A mobile phone may also provide an Internet connection that allows for web browsing and e-mail. It may also include technologies such as Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Message Service (MMS). Much beyond that and it is probably not, or at least more than, a mobile phone.

A PDA is a device that combines many of the most common computer functions with telephone and fax service. These devices have personal organizer software built-in and include advanced networking and Internet capabilities. Companies focus their PDA products o­n being highly portable, highly functional computers that include voice communication.

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A smartphone is the next evolution of both the PDA and mobile phone. Like a PDA, a smartphone is an ultra-portable computer that serves as a personal organizer and has an advanced interface to the Internet. Smartphones make it easier than PDAs for users to customize the functionality of the device using apps. Apps are small, highly focused software that accomplishes a task. The aspect that puts the phone in smartphone is a focus o­n including innovative cellular phone technologies rather than basic voice communication services.