Tri - Band

Nokia 2310
When the word "tri-band" is used to describe a phone, the speaker is actually describing the type of frequencies that the phone is able to operate o­n.

Different cell phone companies use different frequencies in order to connect service subscribers. Some phones are programmed o­nly to work o­n o­ne or two frequencies. The type and amount of frequencies which you are able to operate o­n will affect the type of coverage that a phone subscriber can get.

There are four major frequencies which cell phones use to connect to the service provider's network. Frequency 850 and frequency 1900 are used in North America while frequencies 900 and 1800 connect phones in other parts of the world. Most phones purchased in North America will not be programmed to work outside of the 850 or 1900 frequencies. This means that those phones would become useless in other parts of the world.

Tri-band phones work o­n three frequencies, which means that a tri-band phone user can carry their phone with them overseas and usually find a connection o­n o­ne of the other two frequencies.

Nokia 6300
Tri-band phones will increase the amount of time that a person can stay in touch with the family back home and can increase the efficiency of an employee traveling around the globe. Tri-band phones will guarantee that your phone won't always be a useless brick in your pocket while you're traveling.

By increasing the number of frequencies that your phone can operate o­n you will increase the number of countries in the world that your phone can work in.