Wi - Fi

Nokia 5800
The world today is much different than it was five or even ten years ago. We are surrounded with little gadgets and advanced computers that have made life a little easier for us. With our cell phones and PDAs, not o­nly can we check our email and bank account balances, we can get directions to where we need to be and turn off the lights in our house. But all of this relies o­n a simple thing called Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is trademarked by the Wi-Fi Alliance. This is used with certified products that are built to access different classes of wireless local area networks, otherwise known as WLAN. The Wi-Fi Alliance is a non-profit organization that promotes WLAN technology and gives certification to products if they will conform to the operation within their standards.

There are several forms of Wi-Fi. The most common form of the Wi-Fi is wireless residential Internet. This can be found within and around a residence such as a home or and apartment complex. This is a network that computers, PDAs, iPods and phones can connect to when they need to get o­n the Internet.
The second most common Wi-Fi will found in a local business or coffee shop. This form of Wi-Fi has a stronger signal and will hold more bandwidth than a residential Wi-Fi network because it’s designed to have more people o­n it. You can usually connect with this form by complying to a term or service.

Nokia 5800
The third form of Wi-Fi is a global or national form. When you buy a phone or PDA, you will have to buy a data package to connect to your service provider’s network. The best thing about this kind of Wi-Fi is that you can have the internet from anywhere in the nation or even in the world right at your finger tips.